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Author, M. Scott, who currently resides in Naples Florida, having moved there after 14 years in New Canaan, CT took some time to comment on how False Vengeance came to be.

"You ever have an original movie playing in your head, a plot that just kept thickening, a story that just wouldn't leave you alone, well, that was False Vengeance, and I had to get it out of my head, and once I made that decision I knew exactly how I wanted to tell the story.  The vision behind False Vengeance lies in what I feel the future of digital story telling is likely to resemble, where various forms of media, be it text, video, audio, and or graphics, are combined to form a richer experience for readers."

"False Vengeance is an example of how the successful combination of video and text come to life. It’s an original modern day thriller, and it stands on its own in written word alone…But that was only part of the goal. Our goal is to showcase what the digital medium has been begging authors to do, utilize it. Utilize it as the original canvas…the starting point, if you will, where stories are told in more than the written word. By committing to this format from the beginning, you can’t help being drawn to the creative tools of expression only offered in this format. For me, that meant integrating film and audio into the story, not a lot, and not just for the sake of it, but where its inclusion clearly enhances the story(at least in my opinion)."

There are two authors listed on the front cover, and in fact a company as to explain that?

"While I was confident in the FV story I wanted to make sure that I wasn't wandering off the reservation in the manner in which the story was 'told,' That's where Thom Racina came in. I brought him onboard because he's a seasoned professional, he's a best selling author, he's had at least twelve books published and a bunch more that he ghost wrote.  So he's been around the block, he knows how things need to work, and bringing that kind of insight and experience to the False Vengeance story was a huge plus."

"Regarding the company name (TLB Media Productions LLC), I believe Thom (Thom Racina) referred to the 'clutter' on the front cover as 'clunky,' he's probably right and he's probably being nice... but I decided to keep it as is because I wanted to give credit where credit was due."

What did Thom think of the video aspect of the book?

"This is gonna sound crazy but I had already shot the video for the book, or I should probably say my incredible director, Mike Harden and his crew had already shot the video for the book, so while Thom and I worked on the manuscript, whenever the video topic came up, and it didn't come up that often, Thom was kind of nonchalant about it, now I should add that he hadn't seen the footage and how we were gonna use it at the time, so to him, it was all about the story, which he thought was great, and that's all that mattered to him."

Closing thoughts?

"I believe the book of the future will have video and audio, amongst other things, seamlessly integrated into it, and as such, the role of the Digital book versus the Printed book, will reverse. In other words, mainstream books will be consumed digitally, and then printed on demand, for those still desiring or needing a hardbound copy.  It's really just a question of time."

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False Vengeance Trailer

If you haven’t watched our eBook trailer, check it out, it's composed from the footage of our chase scene and then check out our Kickstarter video, it explains what we're up to and how we're going to make it happen.

False Vengeance Trailer
False Vengeance Trailer

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Kickstarter Campaign
False Vengeance Kickstarter Campaign

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