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False Vengeance Cover

False Vengeance

False Vengeance TrailerA glimpse at what (e)Books will look like in the future, Now. False Vengeance is an adult thriller that incorporates film & audio.

False Vengeance can be found on Apple's iBook Store or on iTunes.  For Apple users, False Vengeance utilized Apple's iBooks Author software, which allowed us to enhance the story with audio and video (Good stuff!).  For Android based users, False Vengeance is currently available as an app, the app has been set up so that the reader scroll's down to read the text and at the end of the chapter, swipes, to advance to the next chapter. It has been suggested that for readers viewing content on their smartphones, that this may be a more appealing format(Please let us know your thoughts!). To download a copy of False Vengeance use the appropriate link found on the False Vengeance website(look to the right side of this page) or search for False Vengeance on the Apple iBook Store, Apple iTunes, or the Google App Store.

False Vengeance will also be available for Kindle and Nook eReaders, However, at this time, these versions will NOT be enhanced, in lieu of video they will have photographs.

Title: False Vengeance (Volume I)

Pages: 408

Publisher: TLB Media Productions LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9887555-6-7 (App's, Apple ePub)

ISBN: 978-0-9887555-3-6 (Apple iPad version, Kindle, Nook)



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False Vengeance App

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False Vengeance Trailer
False Vengeance Trailer

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