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Contributors of False Vengeance

These are the people that generously helped fund project False Vengeance thru our Kickstarter Campaign, and for that we are eternally grateful. Thank-You!

Andrew Allen
Andrew Scott
Benson Ross
Billy O
Brooke Cavanaugh
Carolyn von Meister
Charles E. Meech
Charlie Dolan
Chris Merton
Christopher Jeanes
Crawford Byers
Erik DiPaolo
Frederick C. Mueller
Henry Jeanes
James A Bowman
John Hurley
Judith McDermott
Julie and Jordan hitch
Julie ford
Katherine Pilkington
Kathy and John Byers
Katie Clune
Kirk Kellogg
Leigh Sullivan
Lynne Byrne
M.E. O'Connor
Marco Pelosi
Marnie Miller
Matthew Sutte
Nicholas Allen
Nick Stevenson
Pam Jeanes
Philip E Richter
Robert J Mueller
Stephan Kiratsous
Stephen M Moraco
Stephen S. Boeschenstein
Susie Swindell
Tracey Biedron
Wendy Cutler

*Names in Bold denote those backers that gave False Vengeance an extra special push…and for that they will forever be known as Big Kahuna’s.
work#: 508-454-3925