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False Vengeance

False Vengeance CoverA glimpse at what (e)Books will look like in the future, Now. False Vengeance is an adult thriller that incorporates film & audio.

False Vengeance is a modern day thriller, laced with lust, action, and intrigue…it's an eBook, and it has film seamlessly integrated into the story. This is the future, the birth of a new genre, where the written word collides with the digital medium.

Imagine reading one of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne novels, turning the page and watching Bourne kick someone’s ass. Now imagine the same thing with a car chase…. That would be cool right—the best of both worlds, where the strengths of both the written word and film are combined on one canvas, that's False Vengeance.

What's this eThriller about... An explosion rips through a residential building in Peshawar, Pakistan and the members of an elite US anti-terror team are all killed, but in the last moment before their deaths they’re able to alert the government of an impending terrorist attack on American soil: the assassination of nanotech scientist Jack Scott. Assigned to protect him and his groundbreaking research are two FBI agents: Sara Flynn, an unproven rookie who is old friends with the reclusive scientist, and Nick Price, an agent whose unorthodox methods include the use of two highly trained German Shepherds with fearsome and extremely unusual abilities. Under the guidance of NSA department head Alan Cashman and the eccentric tech analyst Irving Whitely, Sara and Nick race to intercept the assassins and the shadowy mastermind who always seems to be one step ahead of them. As this original, gripping narrative unfolds, the reader is transported into a steamy triangle of passionate sex, high-speed car-and-helicopter chases, and unforeseen corruption.

At 408 pages, False Vengeance is one of the first adult fiction eBooks to incorporate audio and video. Our story is going to show readers what the digital medium has been begging authors to do, utilize it.

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False Vengeance Trailer

If you haven’t watched our eBook trailer, check it out, it's composed from the footage of our chase scene and then check out our Kickstarter video, it explains what we're up to and how we're going to make it happen.

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False Vengeance Trailer
False Vengeance Trailer

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Kickstarter Campaign
Kickstarter Campaign
False Vengeance Kickstarter Campaign

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